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Bungie To Reveal “Next Chapter Of Destiny 2” Next Week


Bungie To Reveal “Next Chapter Of Destiny 2” Next Week

Last week, Bungie announced that Season of Opulence will come to Destiny 2: Forsaken on June 4. Today, they announced on Twitter that they will be revealing what comes next for the game a couple of days afterward.

There’s not much to go on beyond this announcement. Bungie didn’t even say they would host a livestream revealing new Destiny 2 content or some sort of release date, as the studio’s Twitch page doesn’t have any future streams scheduled, nor did they mention whether the reveal will come in the form of a trailer.

And unless you have the super vision to make out some clues in the background, the image behind the text is nothing but white smoke enveloping the pitch black darkness. Last year’s reveal teaser for Destiny 2 — Year 2 had an image of the Reef spiraling through the purple space.

Bungie’s content reveals for Destiny have always been a big deal, but this reveal will be an even bigger deal because it’ll be the first content reveal since Bungie split from Activision in January 2019 and took the Destiny franchise with it. Whatever new surprises the studio will put out will have everyone form some speculations, but they’re likely to bring out new content some time this fall.

Since Bungie has retained sole custody of the publishing rights to Destiny, what they have in store might be different from what they created when they were still under Activision’s thumb.

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