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Bungie Takes Control of its Destiny; Drops Activision

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Bungie Takes Control of its Destiny; Drops Activision

Bungie just took to its official blog to break news which will probably make a lot of Destiny fans quite happy.

Basically, the Bellevue-based developer is taking back publishing rights for the Destiny franchise from Activision, which will instead further focus on its own IP.

The transition is already underway even if it’s still in its early stages, with both companies committed to making sure that the process is seamless for the players.

The developer also explained that its team has listened and learned with Forsaken, understanding what players want from a Destiny experience. The promise is that “more of that is on the way.” Bungie plans to continue to deliver on the Destiny roadmap and will release more seasonal experiences in the coming months. “Exciting announcements” about what will happen beyond that have also been teased.

The announcement ends with the acknowledgment that self-publishing won’t be easy, and Bungie still has a lot to learn whilst growing into as an independent, global studio. Yet, they see “unbounded opportunities and potential in Destiny.”

Despite the divorce from Activision (with which Bungie had three games of the Destiny franchise planned), we also hear that the game will still be fully supported on Blizzard’s PC distribution platform Battle Net.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see where the franchise will go now that Bungie’s developers will be afforded with more creative freedom.

If you’re not familiar with the franchise, you can check out our review of Destiny 2, and the one for the expansion mentioned above, Forsaken.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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