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Charming Visual Novel Aikagi and Its “After Story” Coming to PS4 in Japan


Charming Visual Novel Aikagi and Its “After Story” Coming to PS4 in Japan

Today Entergram announced that it will release the Aikagi: Kimi to Issho ni (which translates into “With You”) Pack on PS4 in Japan.

The bundle will include the visual novel Aikagi and its follow-up Aikagi: After Story. It will cost 2,800 yen plus taxes in standard edition (2,800 yen flat digitally) and 6,800 yen plus taxes for the Premium Edition.

It’ll be released locally on August 29, 2019.

Aikagi was initially released as an eroge for PC in 2017. Of course, the PS4 version will see all the adult content removed, even if the first images appear to still include a degree of inevitable fanservice.

The story of the game has a pretty simple premise. The male hero wants to go live by himself to prepare for the university entrance exam but ends up moving in with his childhood friend Shiori.

Quite obviously, their friendship evolves into something deeper.

Originally developed by Azarashi Soft, Aikagi features lovely artwork by Shin Koihime artist Gintarou. You can check it out below.

At the moment, no western release has been announced for Aikagi, either for the adult-oriented PC version or for this PS4 version. Hopefully, someone will grab it and localize it, because the art is really lovely.

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