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PS4 Exclusive Project Sakura Wars’ Voice Actors Talk About their Characters and Roles

Project Sakura Wars

PS4 Exclusive Project Sakura Wars’ Voice Actors Talk About their Characters and Roles

Today Sega released some new information about its upcoming JRPG Project Sakura Wars (or New Sakura Taisen as it’s known in Japan).

More precisely, they revealed the comments of the voice actors playing the hero and heroines within the new Floral Revue.

We start with Yohei Azakami, who voices the hero Seijiro Kamiyama.

“It’s a great honor to be able to appear as the captain of the Floral Revue in this new chapter of the Sakura Wars series. Seijiro Kamiyama doubtlessly became the most vocal part of my voice acting career.

In many cases, it’s easy to think about and understand your role proportionally with the number of lines, and the feelings for your work become stronger. I’d like for this game to be played by many people and for Kamiyama to be a likable character for many.”

Seijiro Kamiyama is 20 years old and is the captain of the new Floral Revue. Formerly a captain of the Navy’s special forces, she gets transferred to the Floral Revue and placed in command at the beginning of the game. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is.

Incidentally, Akazami-san’s comment is particularly interesting. In previous games of the series, most of the lines of the male hero didn’t have any voice acting, which is a tradition for visual novels. The fact that this is the role with the most spoken lines of his career might mean that this time around Sega decided to fully voice the protagonist.

Next is Ayane Sakura, who plays titular heroine Sakura Amamiya.

“I’m Ayane Sakura, who will play the role of Sakura Amamiya in Project Sakura Wars.

… There are so many Sakura. I feel fate at work, but I cannot afford to relax as I am recording while fighting against the pressure of a sequel of a legendary series. I feel that the people who have been following the Sakura Wars series until now feel a mixture of expectation and anxiety.

In order to be able to turn that feeling into something positive, we will face it with the full power of our cast with respect for the previous games, so please look forward to the new Imperial Floral Revue.”

Sakura is 17 and she is a new member of the Floral Revue who joined to follow the footsteps of the former top star, Sakura Shinguji. She is driven by a strong desire to protect the imperial capital with the Floral Revue and to rebuild it alongside the Imperial Opera that supports the hearts of the citizen. She hopes to rebuild both of them.

Maaya Uchida, who plays Atsuko Shinonome also commented:

“Working on Sakura Wars as part of the Floral Revue that I have admired for me is a shining dream… Stepping into the world that I have been following it’s an event that made my heart flutter.

I will do our best to deliver to everyone an emotional experience. Thank you very much.”

Atsuko is also 17 years old and she is a shrine maiden and poster girl of the Shinonome Shrine that has endured for a long time in the imperial capital. She is a native Edo kid born in the downtown district, who loves the city, its people, and its festivals. While she can be a bit aggressive, she is also a mediator within the Floral Revue and everyone relies on her.

Next in line is Hibiku Yamamura who voices Azami Mochizuki

“I love “Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan” [the series’ theme song]. I have listened to it a lot since my early childhood, and I remember singing it all the time.

How will Project Sakura Wars bloom? I’m really looking forward to it. Playing Azami Mochizuki’s role, I will do my best to help this flower bloom beautifully with the other members of the Floral Revue.”

Azami is 13 years old and she is a descendant of a clan upholding the tradition of Mochizuki-style ninjutsu. She has a genius-level talent for martial arts, tactics, weapon handling, and more. She has been trained strictly since her childhood and she strongly believes in the “108 commandments” which have been passed down through the generations in her village.

Then comes the comment of Ayaka Fukuhara, who plays Anastasia Palma.

“I am very honored to be part of a series loved by many. Anastasia is a very attractive woman with the glare of a star and a mysterious part shrouded in shadows.

While showcasing the charm of her beautiful light and shadows, as Anastasia, I will fight alongside the Sakuras!!!”

Anastasia is 19 years old from Greece. A star who played an active role in European theaters, she transfered to the Imperial Opera afyer moving through a number of troupes. She has top-class skills in both acting and singing, and she can handle a wide range of roles, from men to sexy ladies.

Last, but not least, we hear from voiced by Saori Hayami, who plays Claris.

“I am Saori Hayami, who will play Claris in Project Sakura Wars. I am honored to be able to be part of this traditional series within the Floral Revue.

I was happy to record Claris sho is pretty and thoughtful, and sometimes a bit reckless. Please look forward to discovering what kind of story will unfold in this game centered around captain Kamiyama.

Also, if you know “that familiar song,” I hope you’ll look forward to the many new songs that will be unveiled.”

Claris is 16, and she hails from Luxembourg. She is an intelligent and pretty bookworm who loves reading. She is curious, and through books, she learns new things every day. Her real name is Clarissa Snowflake, and she is actually the descendant of a noble family that has been passing down the “Juu Madou” magic through a set of ancient books.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sakura Wars series, you should look no further than my dedicated article explaining what it’s all about.

If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming game, you can enjoy the original reveal, a lot of information directly from the developers, and more comments from Sega CEO Haruki Satomi. It’s coming in 2019 in Japan and in 2020 in the west for PS4.

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