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Microsoft’s Project xCloud Passes Development Milestone

Project xCloud

Microsoft’s Project xCloud Passes Development Milestone

Today Microsoft’s Xbox division head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to celebrate a development milestone for the upcoming streaming service Project xCloud.

The development team released a “take home” version of the service, which is basically what it says on the tin, a version of the project that the staff can “take home” to test and play with.

You can find the tweet below, alongside a picture of the internal celebration with cake.

Spencer himself has been testing the service on his mobile devices while traveling for business, and now more members of Microsoft’s teams will be able to provide feedback before the public trials are unleashed later this year.

We know that Microsoft will talk about the service at E3 2019, and that’s likely when we hear dates for a public beta.

Considering the company’s investment in Azure, Project xCloud is a natural evolution, and we heard some details at GDC. It’ll be interesting to see how it performs down the line, and how it’ll stack up against competing services like Google Stadia and PlayStation Now.

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