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Dragon Star Varnir for PS4 Gets New Screenshots and Gameplay Details

Dragon Star Varnir

Dragon Star Varnir for PS4 Gets New Screenshots and Gameplay Details

Today Idea Factory International released a batch of screenshots of the upcoming JRPG Dragon Star Varnir.

The screenshots showcase the Little Sisters, who appear to be a demanding bunch.

“Feeding the Little Sisters is a game system where players can obtain rare items or rare skills, but at a price! Whenever you return to The Witches’ Den base, you are met with the little sisters separate from your party members.”

  • Each sister has a satisfaction meter, where giving them dragon meat or blood will increase the meter. Feeding the sisters can provide players rare items to use in-game.
  • However, feeding them will also cause dragon growth gauge will also begin to fill. Once the dragon growth gauge maxes out, a dragon will burst forth from the sister. Devour their dragon form to get rare skills!
  • This system forces players to choose between obtaining great power or the lives of the people you care about. The choice is yours!

We also learn about the little sisters themselves.

Faria – The Eager Witch

The oldest of the younger witches in the den.
She’s always up for a challenge, and wants to join the elder witches in battle so very badly.
She’s very cold towards Zephy and has difficulty being honest with herself.

Monet – The Ditzy Witch

A lovable, ditzy witch who is always honest.
She lives in the den with the other witches and enjoys taking care of the flowers in the garden.

Chiquita – The Catty Witch

A young witch who lives at the den.
Her personality is a little strange, and she is very vindictive when talking to people.
She loves to explore.

Pio – The Wise Witch

A young witch who lives at the den.
Despite being the youngest witch, she is the most dependable.
She is extremely intelligent and loves to read.

You can check out all the images below. If you want to see more, you can enjoy the latest trailer, a previous batch of screenshots, another showcasing the giant dragons and one more trailer.

Dragon Star Varnir will release on June 11 in North America and June 14 in Europe exclusively for PS4.

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