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Dragon Star Varnir for PS4 Gets New Screenshots Showing Massive Dragons and More

Dragon Star Varnir

Dragon Star Varnir for PS4 Gets New Screenshots Showing Massive Dragons and More

Today Idea Factory International released a new back of screenshots of its upcoming JRPG by Compile Heart Dragon Star Varnir.

The screenshots focus on the giant dragons that we’ll fight in the game, andt the Dragon Core System.

Below you can read a full explanation directly from the press release.

“Dragon Core – During battle, players can eat a dragon using the Devour Skill. Once the dragon is eaten, you obtain its Dragon Core – a skill tree that grants characters new skills and bonuses. The Dragon Core is a unique system that allows players to explore 126 possible Dragon Core combinations! Whenever you select the dragon to devour, there is a success rate percentage of devouring. Weaken the enemy to increase your chances! Be sure to use different party members, because each Dragon Core devoured will only be available to the party member who successfully devoured the enemy.

Giant Boss Battle – Prepare yourself against a giant dragon battle where dragons take up all three tiers! Focus attacks on specific body parts to disable the body part’s attacks and even temporarily knock out bosses to change the tide of battle!”

We also learn more about three of the playable characters that will accompany us in our adventure.


A no-nonsense witch who has a ditzy side.

It’s often difficult to tell if she’s acting out of logic or haste.

She is afraid death is quickly approaching due to her passing the average age of the elder witches.

She loves to cook, but her unique cooking style can produce… interesting results.

Character Design: Kei Nanameda (Death end re;Quest and Mary Skelter)


She’s graceful but always looks melancholic.

She holds the magical power of clairvoyance and can see the sad future of those she touches so she hates her power.

She does not want to be involved with people that she does not trust.

She is especially intimidated by men.

Character Design: Katsuyuki Hirano (Moero Chronicle and Agarest series)


A mysterious witch who claims to be a terrible witch of legend.

According to her, she is the one behind the massacre known as the Carnival of Death in which she took the lives of 100 witches a decade ago.

Character Design: Tsunako (Neptunia series)

You can check out the images below. Dragon Star Varnir will release in the west exclusively for PS4 (at least for now) in summer 2019, which is a bit later than the previously-announced spring release window.

If you want to see more, you can enjoy the previous batch of screenshots and a trailer.

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