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Which Overwatch Tank Should You Main? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Reinhardt Overwatch

Which Overwatch Tank Should You Main? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Tanks are designed to lead the way in Overwatch, soaking up damage and creating space so the rest of the squad can get to work healing and eliminating. While that may sound straightforward, each tank in Overwatch functions a little differently.

While all of the tanks in the game are capable of fulfilling their necessary duties, some are better than others in certain aspects. Some Heroes can deal more damage than they can soak up, some have increased mobility, and some have incredibly useful ultimate abilities.

Complete this quiz to find out which tank your strengths and combat preferences would be best geared for.

Which Overwatch Tank Should You Main? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Which One of These Voice Lines Speaks to You the Most?
How Do You Function Best on the Battlefield?
How Do You Prefer to Block Damage?
Which of the Following Fits Your Personality Best?
How Important Is Mobility to You?
Which Hero Do You Want to Shut Down in Every Match?
Enough Tanking, Let's Deal Some Damage! How Do You Do It?
Last Question: Time to Unleash Your Powerful Ultimate Ability-- What’ll It Be?
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