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Nintendo Is Hosting a Free-To-Enter Tetris 99 Tournament with Prizes up for Grabs

Tetris 99

Nintendo Is Hosting a Free-To-Enter Tetris 99 Tournament with Prizes up for Grabs

Nintendo has today announced an official in-game tournament for Switch exclusive Tetris 99. Called the Maximus Cup, the event begins tomorrow, March 8, at 5 a.m. and runs through until 12 p.m the following Sunday.

Prizes are up for grabs for those who score enough first place wins to be featured in the top 999 spots on the leaderboards; $10 in Nintendo Gold Coins will be presented to all of the skilled winners, which can be used towards purchases in the eShop.

The best part is that the entry for the Maximus Cup is completely free. As long as you subscribe to the Nintendo Online service and play Tetris 99 within the given time period you will have a chance to win the prize.

Nintendo has not yet made comment on whether this event will be a one-off or if we can expect to see more. Here’s hoping it’s well received and this marks a series of upcoming tournaments.

For those who are unfamiliar, Tetris 99 is a Nintendo Switch Online exclusive game that is available for free with a subscription to the service. As you would expect, it’s a Tetris-style puzzler, but there’s a twist in 99 that sets it apart: players are thrown into an intense game of Tetris Versus against 98 opponents who are all competing to be the last one stacking.

By clearing lines and performing combos you can send unwanted blocks to any of your 98 opponents boards, which adds a neat competitive element to the experience.

For those who are planning on entering the tournament, you can check out the official rules and guideline here. You can also check out one of our Tetris 99 guides to help you get the upper hand on the competition.

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