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It Finally Happened, Xur is Selling Year Two Destiny 2 Exotics; Just Not for Warlocks, Sorry


It Finally Happened, Xur is Selling Year Two Destiny 2 Exotics; Just Not for Warlocks, Sorry

While last week we got confirmation that it would be theoretically possible that Xur would sell year two aka Forsaken exotics, there was still the looming (and likely) comical scenario that Xur would still sell year one stuff again anyway.

Well fortunately for roughly 2/3s of the Destiny 2 player base, that apocalyptic scenario did not happen. Xur has Titan and Hunter year two exotics for sale. Warlocks however, have been left out of the party now taking place in the Tower’s Hangar area behind Dead Orbit.

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For Titans, Xur is selling Ursa Furiosa, a pair of gauntlets that converts damage absorbed with the Sentinel Shield super into future super energy. Quite handy if your fireteam is relying on Banner Shield protection for a raid or something else difficult.

Hunters on the other hand get the Oathkeeper gauntlets, which allows for users to indefinitely draw their bow.

That pairs nicely with Trinity Ghoul, the exotic bow for sale that fires split arrows allows for chain lighting arrows after a precision kill. Nice for clearing out clumps of enemies in PvE or Gambit.

Warlocks however, get Ophidian Aspect, gauntlets that allow you to draw and reload your weapon very quickly and increase your melee speed. It’s a great exotic that all three subclasses can make use of, but alas, it’s not new.

Sure, Warlocks can at least benefit from Trinity Ghoul being up for sale, but it’s a bit sad and funny that they are the only ones being left out of the “welcome back from being useless” Xur party this week. Mostly because I am a Titan, not a Warlock. If I was a Warlock, I’d be pretty depressed right now, not going to lie.

There’s always next week. Keep the hope alive for Geomag Stabilizers Warlocks, especially now that we’ve seen with our own eyes, that Xur is indeed willing to give up the good stuff now. Or maybe we’ll just get Sunbreakers for three weeks in a row instead.

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