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Fortnite’s High Stakes Event Returns with a Vengeance


Fortnite’s High Stakes Event Returns with a Vengeance

If one MMO game feature gets gamers’ blood pumping, it’s limited time events with thematic challenges and free rewards, and Fortnite’s latest update has both in spades, pun intended.

Several days ago, Fortnite v8.10 launched with the baller new vehicle called the, um, Baller, as well as updated (and bugged) vending machines. To add to the insanity, Epic Games also brought back the High Stakes event, much to the pleasure of gamers.

In case you missed the first High Stakes event, here’s how it works. The event revolves around the Getaway Limited Time Mode where players team up to snag special airdrops that contain jewels and ferry them safely to one of four getaway vans. However, there’s a hitch: jewels slow their escorts down and light up whomever carries them like a roman candle. To balance things out, jewels also regenerate shields and health, which transforms each match into an odd mix of capture the flag and escort mission.

Every limited time event worth its salt includes rewards, and High Stakes is no different. Players can earn plenty of blinging prizes through Getaway challenges, including a cash flow contrail, three different flavors of crystal llama backpack, and a crowbar-shaped pickaxe.

While some challenges only require players to fulfill specific tasks in Getaway matches, such as pick up a jewel or use a Grappler, other challenges are much more stringent. For examples, players need to win multiple matches if they want every crystal llama. Then again, since players enter the Getaway in teams, victory is an easier task than standard Battle Royale matches. Or harder, depending on a team’s synergy (or lack thereof).

The High Stakes event also brings back the dapper Wild Card skins, Safecracker glider, and Diamond wraps. However, players cannot earn these organized crime-themed cosmetics and instead have to purchase them from the cash shop. You gotta spend money to make money.

As with the first run of the High Stakes event, this incarnation will only last a limited time, so players should hop into Fortnite while they can. Those crystal llama backpacks aren’t going to earn themselves.

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