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Sony Reveals Lots of Interesting New PS4 Games from its China Hero Project

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Sony Reveals Lots of Interesting New PS4 Games from its China Hero Project

During a presentation to showcase the games for PS4 created by the developers supported by China Hero Project, Sony Interactive Entertainment presented a ton of new trailers, including a look at two previously announced games, and several new ones.

First of all, we start with two games that have been known for quite a while. We get to see Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher (previously known as Kill X) by VivaGames for PlayStation VR. It’s coming soon, on March 20, 2019.

Then we move on to Hardcore Mecha (previously known as Code: Hardcore) by RocketPunch Games, which still doesn’t have a firm release date and is coming to both PS4 and PC. In this trailer, we get the first look at the game’s single-player campaign.

A few completely new games were then revealed, starting with F.I.S.T. by TiGame, followed by In Nightmare by Shenqiyu, Anno Mutationem by ThinkingStars, Evotinction by Spikewave Games, Ran: Lost Islands by Jolly Roger, Convallaria by Loong Force, and AI-Limit by Palm Pioneer.

You can watch all the trailers below.

Three games from previous China Hero Project presentations were absent this time around, but we did learn that they are are in active development, with news coming at a later time. One is former solo project Lost Soul Aside by Yang Bing and UltiZero Games. The other two are Pervader and Project Boundary.

Update: the first screenshots and details for all the new games mentioned above have also been released.


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