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Agony Sold Over 160,000 Copies on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; PS4 Patch Released Today


Agony Sold Over 160,000 Copies on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; PS4 Patch Released Today

Agony by Madmind Studio stirred up controversy last year, partly because of its content and partly because the game was a bit rough around the edges at launch.

Yet, it did rather well for the developer, that today announced sales figures for the game among its Agony and Agony Unrated versions combined. It passed 160,000 copies among all platforms, of which 100,000 on PC and 60,000 on consoles.

That being said the developer mentions that the number on consoles should be even higher as they receive data with considerable delay.

As a result, the studio doesn’t have any debt and can provide support for Agony and Agony Unrated, while also finance its two upcoming games Succubus and Paranoid.

While some content remains censored on consoles, a patch has been released today for PS4 and is currently being certified for Xbox One. It includes the following:

  • The world map and mini-map
  • Succubus Mode and Agony Mode available from the beginning
  • Additional setting (The Forest) and boss fights for the Agony Mode
  • Additional, eight ending of the game
  • Additional scenes and dialogues
  • Additional in-game tutorials
  • Numerous AI fixes
  • Numerous collision detection fixes
  • Numerous technical fixes
  • Volumetric lighting
  • Improved texture quality
  • Improved models
  • Improved look and functionality of the main menu
  • New Hard mode
  • New and enhanced character development system
  • New puzzles
  • New environmental hazard – traps
  • New and modified paths for the player to choose from
  • New types of static enemies
  • New combat option that allows setting enemies on fire
  • New track added to the game soundtrack

Agony’s patch will come soon on Xbox One as well. You can check out a before and after comparison of the female models here, but do keep in mind that it’s unsafe for work.

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