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Wargroove Beginner Tips


Wargroove Beginner Tips

Wargroove Beginner Tips

Prioritize Capturing Buildings First

Most battles in Wargroove start out exactly the same way: capture buildings, consolidate your resources, then start moving your units forward to engage the enemy in battle. The first step is the most important: capture all nearby buildings.

Buildings in Wargroove serve two purposes: providing you with a steady stream of gold every turn, and healing your units when necessary. Gold is extremely important, as you’ll need it to buy more units when your allies fall or use it to heal injured units when the need arises.

When your units are adjacent to a building you’ve captured, you can also choose the Reinforce option to heal them up at the cost of structure health. Whenever you capture a building, its health will be half of whatever the current health is of the unit that captured it, but it’ll also regenerate a bit of health every turn.

If you capture them early, they’ll likely be at full health by the time you need to use it for healing, so your buildings won’t be left completely defenseless when that happens and there are enemies nearby.

Similarly, when you’re near enemy buildings, it can be advantageous to attack and capture them as well. This will cut off the regular income for your enemy while generating even more gold for you at the same time.

You’ll want to bring trebuchets and golems for this though, as attempting to capture an enemy building with regular units can be quite dangerous.

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