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Newest Overwatch Hero Baptiste Now Live on PTR Server


Newest Overwatch Hero Baptiste Now Live on PTR Server

A day after Blizzard Entertainment announced the newest hero for Overwatch would be support character Baptiste, the “combat medic” is now available to play on the game’s Public Test Realm server.

Blizzard revealed the full list of weapons and abilities for Baptiste, though anything could change between his time on the test server and when he goes live into the full game.

Baptiste’s main weapon is the Biotic Launcher, a three-round burst assault rifle that also shoots projectiles that can heal teammates. Each has its own ammo counter.

One of his abilities is the Regenerative Burst, which gives him and any nearby allies a burst of health over time. His other ability is the Immortality Field that prevents any teammates within the field from dying, though it contains a generator that can be destroyed.

Baptiste’s ultimate ability is the Amplification Matrix, where he creates a transparent wall that doubles the damage of any attacks or healing abilities going through it. Baptiste also has the ability to jump great heights by crouching for a few seconds first.

No launch date was announced for his arrival into the live game, though new characters usually spend a few weeks on the PTR before full release.

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