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More Info on AMD’s “Zen 2” Processors Coming to GDC

AMD zen 2

More Info on AMD’s “Zen 2” Processors Coming to GDC

More information on AMD’s 3rd generation of processors will be available in March at the Game Developers Conference. This newest chip is the one that will potentially be used in future Microsoft consoles.

At CES last month, AMD’s president Lisa Su introduced us to the Intel competitor’s next generation of hardware. Her presentation included a first look at the forthcoming graphics card Radeon VII, and their all-new “Zen 2 architecture” CPU. This new processor is slated to debut sometime in the middle of 2019, but we’re set to get more info at GDC.

As the conference books its various events and speakers, a presentation hosted by AMD’s senior member of technical staff Ken Mitchell has been added to the schedule.

The exact date for his presentation entitled “AMD Ryzen Processor Software Optimization” hasn’t been set yet, but you can look forward to it sometime between the conference’s scheduled start and end dates of March 18-22.

The presentation’s description invites us to join “the AMD ISV Game Engineering team for an introduction to the AMD Ryzen family of processors followed by advanced optimization topics.”

How much of this presentation will be complicated spreadsheets, and how much will be exciting new demonstrations is currently unclear. At past GDC presentations, AMD has used the opportunity to highlight things like cache improvements and updates to data flow, and not so much demo-ing games or quoting MSRPs.

The presentation is further described as a chance to learn about “optimization opportunities” and “hardware performance-monitoring counters”– so it certainly appears to be true to previous GDC conference form.

However, there is also the tantalizing invitation to “get a glimpse of the next generation of “Zen 2” x86 core architecture” in the presentation’s synopsis. We’ll have to wait and see how much will be contained in a “glimpse”.

You can find the full description of the presentation here in the GDC 2019 session scheduler.

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