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Anthem Level Up Fast: How to Raise Pilot Level Fast

Anthem, how to level up fast and increase pilot level

Anthem Level Up Fast: How to Raise Pilot Level Fast

How to Level Up Fast in Anthem

Each player each has their own pilot level that levels up whenever they earn experience. Raising your level lets you wield powerful items and tools in the game. If you want to speed up the process, here’s how to level up fast in Anthem.

Progression works a bit differently in Anthem, considering how plenty of content is locked behind pilot level. Unlike some games, your stats won’t increase whenever you gain a level. Instead, you’ll gain access to stronger items and Inscriptions. Similarly, you’ll also gain better loot the higher your level is.

Upon reaching certain levels in Anthem, you can even unlock new javelins and other useful features. Players will be rewarded for achieving certain milestones, and you can only reach Grandmaster difficulty in Anthem through raising your pilot level. Here are a few steps you can take to leveling up fast.

Take Contracts and Quests – How to Level Up Fast in Anthem

how to level up fast in Anthem

An easy way to level up fast in Anthem is by taking up Contracts from your respective faction quest board. These are short missions consisting of three tasks that are fairly easy to finish. Best of all, they reward you with heaps of EXP and can be repeated through Repeatable Contracts.

You can also accept tasks in Anthem called Agent Missions which also reward you with a hefty amount of EXP. Look for your respective faction contact, whether it’s Brin, Yarrow, or Matthias, to take up a mission. Unlike Contracts, they’re a bit more time consuming and can’t be repeated.

Another quest you can look into are Critical Objectives, which are story-based missions that can also help you earn easy EXP. However, these take much longer to complete than Contracts and Agent Missions, so they’re pretty much your last resort if you need some EXP in Anthem.

Earn Medals

When you’re off doing missions, make sure to earn as many medals as you can. These awards can give you a boost in EXP and can be earned by completing Feats. It’s an easy, additional way to raise your Pilot level fast in Anthem that can also be overlooked.

Each mission has its own set of feats in Anthem, such as killing a certain amount of enemies, which you can check in your Journal. Be sure to keep track of the medals you need to earn during a mission to level up fast in Anthem.

Alliance System

The Alliance System is another simple way to increase your pilot level in Anthem. This feature rewards you with both EXP and gold just for playing with the same group of people over and over again.

You can reap the benefits by playing with your friends or any same group of players. This system does reset every week, meaning you’ll have to build up your relationship with other players by completing missions with them.

All Pilot Level Rewards in Anthem

Apart from earning and equipping better loot, you can earn certain perks for reaching certain levels in Anthem. Here’s a full list of the rewards and their corresponding levels:

Level Rewards
2 New Javelin
3 Weapon Slot
4 Component Slot
5 Support Slot
6 Component Slot
8 New Javelin
10 Consumable Slot
12 Component Slot
14 Component Slot
16 New Javelin
18 Component Slot
20 Consumable Slot
23 Component Slot
26 New Javelin
30 Consumable Slot and Grandmaster Difficulties

That wraps up everything you know about how to level up fast and increase your pilot rank in Anthem. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to take a look at our expansive wiki.

We’ve got tons of other guides to help you in the game, including how to craft weapons and equipment, how to get and use consumables, what to do after beating the game, and more.

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