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Anthem: How to Craft Weapons & Equipment

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Anthem: How to Craft Weapons & Equipment

How to Craft Weapons and Equipment in Anthem

Anthem is the latest online multiplayer RPG developed by BioWare and published by EA. Aside from just going on missions and killing aliens, you’ll also have the ability to customize your character by creating some new gear. Here’s how to craft weapons and equipment in Anthem.

Getting the Necessary Materials

Before you can start crafting the fun stuff, first you’ll need to gather materials to actually do so. Depending on which Javelin you’re currently using in Anthem, you’ll need different components for certain types of equipment.

For instance, Storm Javelins will need Storm parts in order to craft Storm-specific gear to enhance your existing abilities. However, crafting materials for the different weapons in Anthem are largely universal, and can be shared across the different Javelins in the game.

Crafting materials can be obtained through a variety of ways in Anthem. We’ve listed all ways to get crafting materials in Anthem below:

  • Obtained through resource nodes found in the open world
  • By dismantling gear you already have
  • By purchasing them through the Vanity Store in Fort Tarsis

As you’re exploring the open world in Anthem, you’ll eventually come across resource nodes that you can interact with, and extract materials from them. These will reward you with different kinds of resources, such as Chimeric Alloy, which can be used for crafting.

If you have any unwanted gear in Anthem, those can be dismantled for parts as well. This will have to be done from the Forge at Fort Tarsis. Just hover over the weapon or component you don’t want anymore, then hold right-click to dismantle it, or the Y and triangle button if on Xbox One or PS4.

Lastly, once you unlock the Vanity Store by doing Prospero’s mission, you can buy Javelin parts, resources, and weapon parts with Coin. Or Shards, if you’d prefer.

Crafting Equipment in Anthem

Now that you finally have the crafting materials you need, you can start crafting stuff in Anthem.

Head to the Forge in Fort Tarsis, and select the category of item that you want to craft. For instance, if you want a new weapon, click on the weapon slot. From here, you can either equip a new weapon from your inventory, or click on the Craft tab to create a new one.

anthem, craft

Under the Craft tab, you’ll see a list of weapons that are available for crafting at your current level. You can unlock more gear blueprints as you play through the game, giving you more crafting options later on down the line.

Assuming that you already have the necessary materials for the item you’ve picked, hover over your selection and hold down left-click to craft it, or hit the A or X button if on Xbox One or PS4. This will allow you to successfully create that piece of gear, and it’ll be moved to your inventory. You can then equip it straight from your inventory from the Forge.

And that’s all you need to know about how to craft weapons and equipment in Anthem. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our Anthem guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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