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Anthem Gets Spectacular Launch Trailer to Celebrate Upcoming Release


Anthem Gets Spectacular Launch Trailer to Celebrate Upcoming Release

Today BioWare released a launch trailer for its online action-RPG Anthem.

IF you’re wondering, yes, we’re quite early considering that the game won’t be out before Feb. 22, 2019. Yet, it appears that the bigger a release is, the earlier its launch trailer tends to be released, even weeks before the actual release. That’s exactly what we see here.

The trailer itself is mostly of the cinematic nature, focusing on the freelancers that we’ll join, and the javelin exoskeletons that we’ll pilot.

We also get some glimpses of gameplay that looks really spectacular, but that’s likely unsurprising because we all know that Anthem is a really, really pretty game by now.

You can check out the trailer below. If you want to see more of BioWare’s Anthem, you can enjoy a recent trailer and another from last month.

A lot seems to be riding on the success of Anthem, considering that BioWare needs to turn the ship around after the disappointment with Mass Effect Andromeda. A few days ago we heard that Electronic Arts expects to sell 5-6 million units by the end of March, with the game selling well even beyond April.

Anthem will be released on for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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