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Anthem: How to Get More Ammo

how to get more ammo in anthem

Anthem: How to Get More Ammo

How to Get More Ammo in Anthem

Anthem is a game in which you will spend the vast majority of your time unloading clips of high-powered ammunition into an assortment of foes. It is a shooter-looter, through and through, and in order to do the former, you are going to need some ammo. Here’s everything you need to know on how to get more ammo in Anthem.

While this may seem basic, it’s worth covering. Generally speaking, as long as you are downing enemies with some kind of accuracy and not wantonly wasting ammo, your weapons shouldn’t be running dry. If you find yourself pinned down, out of ammo and options, then something has gone drastically wrong.

Anthem Ammo

To get more ammo in Anthem, keep an eye out for the small green orbs with the bullet icon, like in the image above. These are your ammo pickups, and as long as you’re regularly replenishing your stores, you shouldn’t have an issue with the multitude of enemies that are likely to come your way.

You can increase the maximum quantity of ammo you can carry in Anthem by equipping different components to your javelin, something to keep in mind when piloting a Titan with a minigun. You will want as much ammo as you can possibly get your hands on.

That’s really all there is to know on how to get more ammo in Anthem. Take care of your weapons, and they will take care of you. Just remember to aim for enemy weak points and take advantage of the extra damage that will inflict, and you should ready for anything Anthem can throw at you.

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