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Anthem: How to Fly in the Javelin

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Anthem: How to Fly in the Javelin

How to Fly in the Javelin in Anthem

Anthem is the latest online multiplayer RPG from BioWare, and it allows players to get into some pretty cool-looking suits known as Javelins. A big part of the game’s mobility aspects involve having you fly around, so here’s how to fly in the Javelin in Anthem.

After beating the game’s prologue and tutorial, you’ll get to go on your first proper mission where you can finally fly for the first time.

In order to fly, you’ll first need to get your feet off the ground. On PC, you can do this by pressing the Space button to jump, then Left Shift to start flying.

On consoles, press the A button on Xbox One or the X button on PS4. Then, press the left stick to start flying in the Javelin.

Now that you’re finally in the air, you should be able to get around the map pretty quickly in Anthem. However, be sure to watch the gauge at the bottom of the screen.

Once it fills up completely, your thrusters will overheat, and you’ll fall to the ground. You can keep the thrusters cool by diving straight down, and the meter will deplete again.

If your thrusters do overheat, however, you’ll need to wait a short while before you’re able to fly again. Once the meter disappears, you can just jump and start flying yet again.

More Javelin Flying Tips

When flying, tilting the left stick forward or holding down the W key will allow you to accelerate and fly a little faster in Anthem. Pulling it back slows you down, making it easier to turn sharply and avoid upcoming obstacles.

You can also steer your character with the right stick on consoles, or by shifting the mouse around on PC. If you don’t like controlling the camera, tilting the left stick left and right, or using the A and D keys will let you tilt as well.

Launching yourself into the air is a great way of getting some distance between you and your enemies in Anthem, and this will also allow you to get items and other collectibles in hard to reach areas.

That’s all you need to know about how to fly in the Javelin in Anthem. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our Anthem guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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