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The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 4 Release Date Revealed In Broken Toys

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The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 4 Release Date Revealed In Broken Toys

The Walking Dead Final Season is back following the Telltale Games’ unfortunate closure last year. The third episode, Broken Toys, released today, and according to the in-game episode menu screen, the way for the fourth and final episode won’t be too long.

Both fans and the developers behind the game were relieved to hear that production company Skybound Entertainment stepped in to rescue The Walking Dead Final Season back in December. Having secured the necessary funding, former developers from Telltale Games will see out the conclusion of series, finishing its final two episodes under the studio name StillNotBitten.

The first of which, Broken Toys, launched today, and despite the lack of any formal announcement, the in-game episode menu appears to state when the conclusion of the series will release. It states that episode four will launch on March 26.

You can check it out below, courtesy of Dualshockers:

Walking Dead

Of course, it’s important to note that no official announcement has yet been made to confirm that date; this could be an error that’s subject to change. Although, I wouldn’t bank against StillNotBitten wanting to wrap-up the series and put the events of last year to bed as quickly as possible.

We’ll have impressions of Broken Toys coming up shortly, but feel free to check out our thoughts on episodes one and two of The Walking Dead Final Season, or check out the trailer for episode three.

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