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See the Nuclear Wasteland From a New Perspective in the Metro Exodus Story Trailer

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See the Nuclear Wasteland From a New Perspective in the Metro Exodus Story Trailer

A new Metro Exodus story trailer was released this morning and in it, we see what living in the Russian nuclear wasteland is like from the perspective of Artyom’s wife, Anna.

This trailer might be the largest glimpse of the actual story of Metro Exodus that we’ve received since the game was announced during the 2017 Microsoft E3 conference. We knew that in this threequel we’d be playing as Artyom once again — he is the protagonist after all — but what we didn’t necessarily know is how much perspective from other characters we would get.

If this trailer is any indication, Artyom’s wife has a much larger role to play this time around. She’s always been somewhat prevalent in the previous two entries — which you can play on your PS4, Xbox One or PC thanks to the 2014 remaster, Metro: Redux — but now, it seems she’ll be just as important to the main story as Artyom.


In Metro 2033, we finally saw Artyom and Anna get married, despite the disapproval of Spartan Order commander, Miller. Then, in Metro: Last Light, the game ends with Anna giving birth to her and Artyom’s child.

With Metro Exodus taking place two years after the events of Last Light, it seems that Anna has recovered from the child birth — tough to imagine giving birth to a child in a post-apocalyptic wasteland is easy — and is back at the side of Artyom with a sniper in hand.

The story of Exodus sees Artyom and Anna heading eastward across the continent toward presumably Vladivostok to search for a new place to live. If you’ve seen any promotion for Metro Exodus, you know the Trans-Siberian Railway plays a major role in the game.

This story trailer shows the Spartan ranger gang using the train to travel across the continent from Moscow to who knows where. It also shows that our Spartan rangers won’t be facing just the harsh creatures that call the wasteland home, but the enemy factions and new rising government as well.

Where this story goes, only time will tell. Metro Exodus will be released to PS4, PC and Xbox One on February 15.

If you’re looking to pick up an Xbox One X soon, keep an eye out for the Metro Exodus Xbox One X bundle, which is available for preorder now.

Coming in at $499, the Xbox One X Metro Saga Bundle comes with the 1 TB hard drive Xbox One X, one Xbox One controller, a download code for Metro Exodus and a download code for Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux.

Metro Exodus Xbox One X bundle

It also comes with a one-month trial for both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

In other news, yesterday, it was announced that Metro Exodus will launch with a photo mode on day one so video game photographers, prepare!

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