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Metro Exodus Will Launch With Photo Mode on Day One

metro exodus

Metro Exodus Will Launch With Photo Mode on Day One

Video game photographers rejoice! Metro Exodus will have a photo mode available for you to use on day one.

Announced on Twitter this morning, Metro Exodus will launch with the mode that some games, like God of War, don’t feature until weeks after launch.

While a post-apocalyptic wasteland doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing to view through a camera lens on paper, Metro Exodus’ nuclear war-devastated Russia will certainly be a sight to behold for fans of the series and newcomers alike. That’s because it’s the first Metro game built from the ground up for PS4 and Xbox One (and of course, PC too).

Exodus will look even better on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, too, making it even easier to capture beautiful screenshots using the game’s launch-day photo mode. Microsoft knows this game is going to look good, which is probably why the game was announced on their stage during their 2017 E3 press conference.

While it looked like another noteworthy entry into the franchise during that announcement, after having some hands-on time with game, we feel a little different. The announcement touted Exodus’ open-world environments (think Dragon Age: Inquisition), but in our opinion, going open-world might not have been the right call for the series.

We also felt that the game was taking some cues from Stalker, which could turn out to be a great direction for the franchise.

If you want to understand what the world of Metro is all about, you can play the previous two games today. Dubbed Metro: Redux, this 2014 remaster brought Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Metro Exodus launches on February 15 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.


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