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Can You Match the Classic Town to its Video Game?

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Can You Match the Classic Town to its Video Game?

While jumping into the shoes of the likes of Nathan Drake or Lara Croft and heading out on a globe trotting adventure to every corner of the world is a lot of fun, some games give us detailed towns and cities to explore that can often be just as memorable.

The likes of Rapture in Bioshock or Los Santos in the Grand Theft Auto series are wonderful places that feel real and elevate the game beyond what it would otherwise be, often spawning a franchise.

There are so many fictional towns in the world of video games, however, with many of them having pretty obscure names. How many can you name, though? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Can You Match the Town Name to the Game?

Jacinto City
Rivet City
Orcas Island
Willamette, Colorado
Port Carverton
White Orchard
City of Amaranthine
Vekta City
Edwards Island
Arcadia Bay
Possum Springs
Wellington Wells

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