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The Loot Goblin Amiibo Will Steal Your Heart (And Wallet)


The Loot Goblin Amiibo Will Steal Your Heart (And Wallet)

Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch is a must-buy addition for your Switch library. It’s bursting with all the dungeon-crawling, loot-hording, demon-slaying goodness you love, without that pesky always-online DRM. Now the game has its own designated amiibo: the Loot Goblin, better known in-game as the Treasure Goblin.

While we reported on this amiibo in November, we knew little about the figure. However, since the item is now available for purchase, Blizzard updated the official Diablo III site with a page detailing the amiibo’s features, so we now have a better idea of what the amiibo can and can’t do.

As with all amiibo, players can scan the item with their Nintendo Switch controller, but this particular amiibo will open a portal to a mysterious dimension known simply as The Vault. Given the realm’s name and the Loot Goblin’s affinity for stealing everything that glitters, The Vault is a miniature dungeon filled with gold, treasure, and loot of every color.

Of course, being little, kleptomaniac buggers, Loot Goblins aren’t about to leave their stolen goods unprotected. The Vault is guarded by some nasty monsters, including the Baroness of The Vault, Greed. She is the very Avatar of Avarice who ships Loot Goblins into the material world in a never-ending quest for gold, so players who want to escape The Vault with their life, loot, and limbs intact have to take her down.

While slaying a Loot Goblin in-game has a small chance of opening a portal to The Vault, the amiibo opens the portal on command once per day. However, that isn’t the end of Diablo III’s amiibo functionality.

Players who scan an amiibo that isn’t a Loot Goblin will summon a pack of Champion monsters instead of a portal. While not as difficult as Greed, these enemies are still pretty powerful, but with the greater risks come greater rewards. It doesn’t matter if players scan a Ganondorf or Solaire of Astora amiibo; they will still attract a gaggle of powerful opponents who either will curb stomp players into a bloody smear or will bleed rare (or better) items.

Now, you’re probably wondering where you can buy a Loot Goblin amiibo. Well, they’re a GameStop exclusive. If you’re an amiibo collector and/or own Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch, the Loot Goblin is now available, but just like their namesakes, they will disappear quickly if you don’t pay attention.

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