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New Senran Kagura Reflexions DLC Brings Yomi to Class

Senran Kagura Reflexions Yomi

New Senran Kagura Reflexions DLC Brings Yomi to Class

As of today, Honey Parade’s tactile ninja-gal dating-sim Senran Kagura Reflexions receives its 4th additional character to ease and relax through the magic of massage via Mickey Mouse glove, occasional hairbrush, and a totally-not-dubious-at-all electric massager.

The DLC pack contains the blonde, coy Yomi who comes with her own massage course as well as 20 additional cosmetic items to dress her, Asuka, or any of the additional girls in – perfect for diorama mode.

The list of accessories include:

  • Yomi’s Hair, Yomi’s Hair (Pigtails), Yomi’s Hair (Loose Pigtails)
  • Girl’s One-Piece, Sexy Knit, Nurse, Hebijo Uniform (Leggings), Hebijo Uniform (Rt. Badge), Hebijo Uniform (Short), Hebijo Uniform, Survival Shirt, Yomi’s Outfit, Yomi’s Swimsuit, Sailor Uniform, School Tracksuit
  • Bean Sprout Mask, Pure White Hat, Sexy Knit Cat Ears, Nurse Cap, Yomi’s Hat

Anyone unfamiliar with the Senran Kagura series need only know that whilst previous titles took the form of sidescrolling beat ’em ups, rhythm-action cook-offs, and wet and wild water pistol fights, this title opts to leave all genre conventions aside to cut the meat of the matter – cute anime girls.

The cheeky series (in more ways than one) has earned itself many fans for this genre-leaping and its ninja students somehow able to cover every gaming related base with a similarly varied cast. You’re bound to find your favorite in there somewhere.

You can check out the gently NSFW trailer below as well as the age-restricted site for more information on Senran Kagura Reflexions.

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