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Rockstar Provides Update on Red Dead Online Beta: In-Game Economy Requires “Additional Balancing”

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Rockstar Provides Update on Red Dead Online Beta: In-Game Economy Requires “Additional Balancing”

Rockstar has provided an update on the beta for Red Dead Online. More specifically, they have directly addressed player concerns over the in-game economy which as of right now, is a total grind.

If you’re not familiar, there’s two layers of currency in Red Dead Online. There is regular ol’ cash, and also gold nuggets/bars, the latter of which will eventually be tied to microtransactions.

As of now, it takes an obscene amount of time to grind out gold nuggets. Only a couple are doled out after a successful activity, and you need one hundred of them to get a single gold bar. You’ll need multiple gold bars for something as simple as Horse Insurance. It’s not in a great spot at the moment to say the least.

However, to be fair, this is still a beta, and Rockstar has provided a statement that they intend to address the out of wack, in-game economy: “Our current areas of focus include the in-game economy, which will require some additional balancing in order to ensure all activities are appropriately rewarding and fun, as well as some persistent bugs that are causing some players to be kicked from sessions.” via Rockstar Games

Some additional details about what specifically will be changing about the economy would have been great, but players can breathe a sigh of relief (for now) knowing that it’s at least on Rockstar’s radar. We’ll just have to wait and see if the changes are sufficient enough.

While Red Dead Redemption 2 proper is doing just fine both commercially and critically, it’s up to Red Dead Online to provide the long-term revenue tail. Grand Theft Auto V brought in a ton of sweet microtrasanction cash without having to release a single piece of major single-player DLC.

You can check out the full statement from Rockstar about the Red Dead Online beta below.

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