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Koei Tecmo’s New Game Tease for PS4, Switch, and PC Is Probably About Horses

Koei TEcmo Winning Post 9

Koei Tecmo’s New Game Tease for PS4, Switch, and PC Is Probably About Horses

A few days ago, Koei Tecmo opened a teaser website sparking speculation on a new game. Now they have added an image that offers a rather clear hint on what the game will be about.

Among the flames, we get to see horses, including one wearing what appears to be racing equipment. This means that the game is possibly a new entry in Koei Tecmo’s long-running Winning Post franchise, or something on a similar note.

The wording included in the site, which recites “The battle of fate begins” contributed to sparking discussion on slightly more epic themes, with fans arguing that the site might have been about a new Samurai Warriors or even a Ninja Gaiden game. Unfortunately, that’s likely not the case.

A new Winning Post game would also explain the complete silence from the North American and European arms of Koei Tecmo, which normally tend to take part in the teasing if the new game is destined for the western market. The Winning Post franchise is traditionally limited to Japan.

Of curse, this is just my interpretation of the image, and I might be wrong. That being said, if I was a betting man, my money would definitely be on Winning Post. The full reveal will come on Thursday, Dec. 6.

Samurai Warriors fans can at least find some comfort in yesterday’s announcement of Samurai Warriors 4 DX for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It may not be massive, but it’s something.

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