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New Hitman 2 Trailer Teaches Players to Hide in Plain Sight

Hitman 2

New Hitman 2 Trailer Teaches Players to Hide in Plain Sight

The Hitman series is known for its highly intricate environments and mechanics that allow players to assassinate their targets in a variety of fun and exciting ways. In a new Hitman 2 trailer, IO Interactive is hoping to inform their fans about some of the mechanics that will allow them to maneuver through levels more easily.

The first half of the trailer talks about the value of a good disguise when trying to blend in and enter well-guarded areas. This value is emphasized when in the trailer Agent 47 is shown trying to enter a restricted area in a not so subtle disguise and is quickly killed by a guard.

To further illustrate the importance of disguises in Hitman 2, the trailer then shows a quick montage of the variety of disguises available to players that allow them to blend into the world in different ways. Agent 47 is then seen performing various tasks in disguise to remind players that the right disguise can allow them to hide by acting like one of the levels NPCs.

First, the trailer shows off the crowd mechanics when a guard is seen noticing and following Agent 47. The guard follows Agent 47 into a crowded area but loses sight of him due to his ability to blend in with large crowds. IO Interactive makes sure to note that players will know they have successfully blended in with a crowd when a white line appears on the ground around Agent 47.

Lastly, the trailer closes with a brief look at the ways players can use an environment’s heavy vegetation to approach an enemy unseen. Here Agent 47 is seen sneaking up on a guard through some bushes and throwing a machete at the unsuspecting enemy.

The trailer can be found below. If you have not picked up Hitman 2 yet, be sure to check out our review to see what we thought of the game. For those of you who already own Hitman 2, make sure you take a look at our guides about Changing Weapons, Stealth Takedowns, and How to Start the Sean Bean Elusive Target Mission.

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