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Donut County – the Game About Putting Things in a Hole – Is Coming to Switch and Xbox One

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Donut County – the Game About Putting Things in a Hole – Is Coming to Switch and Xbox One

Ben Esposito, the mastermind behind the indie darling, Donut County, has announced that the puzzle game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One later this month.

Donut County has you playing as an ever-expanding hole in the ground, swallowing up everything in your path, even your so-called friends. The physics-based puzzles that you end up having to solve with your hole result in some pretty hilarious and interesting situations.

Not only is the gameplay fun as heck, but the dialogue and writing of the characters are solid and truly give each role some time to shine in the spotlight for each stage that you play through.

If you haven’t played Donut County, make sure you check out our review of the game right here. We gave Donut County a 3.5/5 which is a rating of “fair” on our review scale; here’s what our reviewer had to say about it:

“Donut County offers a bite-sized adventure that’s crammed with some good ideas and funny exchanges. The adventure manages to expand as fast as your sinkhole, throwing in different concepts and mechanics to keep things fresh on your rambunctious city rampage; but for everything it brings to the table, it still left me wanting just a bit more.”

Donut County launches on Switch and Xbox One on Dec 18.


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