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Destiny Connect for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Delayed by Nippon Ichi

Destiny Connect

Destiny Connect for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Delayed by Nippon Ichi

Today Nippon Ichi Software announced a delay of the Japanese release of its upcoming JRPG Destiny Connect.

According to the press release, the game (which was supposed to launch on Feb. 28) will hit the Japanese shelves on Thursday, March 14. This means that it’s not a big delay and local gamers will be able to enjoy the title only two weeks after originally planned.

The reason provided for the delay is the usual, to further improve the quality of the title. Of course, there is also the customary apology and the promise that the development team will make further efforts in order to deliver content that can satisfy the fans.

At the moment, we don’t know whether this affects possible localization plans by NIS America since nothing has been announced on that front just yet.

If you’re unfamiliar with Destiny Connect, it’s a brand new JRPG prompting players to travel across time in order to save the city from mysterious robots and a strange force that froze everyone in place. It comes with graphics that appear to be more advanced than the usual tech Nippon Ichi Software uses. You can check out the first trailer and screenshots released a few weeks ago, and see what I mean.

Hopefully, we’ll hear about a localization soon enough, because this looks really promising.

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