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Dead Cells’ Game Designer Says There Won’t Be a Sequel

Dead Cells

Dead Cells’ Game Designer Says There Won’t Be a Sequel

In an interview with Game Informer, Sébastien Bénard has confirmed that Motion Twin is not considering a sequel for Dead Cells.

“In terms of a sequel, we know for sure it’s not a good idea to dwell on your success. If you create a big hit, it’s best to use this energy to make something different. I don’t think we’ll make a Dead Cells 2,” the critically acclaimed game’s designer said.

“We’re more open to creating more content and opening the game up more to the community. If we did make a Dead Cells 2, it’s because we really need the money (laughs). We don’t want to stick to the same thing though, so I think if we did come back it would be something quite different, not a platformer or roguelike along these lines.”

Throughout the rest of the interview, Bénard touches on the “chaotic process” of transitioning Dead Cells from being a free-to-player tower defense game to one of the most successful indie Metroidvania roguelikes of all time.

Bénard explains, “It was a realization for us because we understood we should focus on the single-player experience first, instead of making it multiplayer or that game. From this point, it was a matter of cutting a lot of elements from the original project. We gave up everything that was related to tower defense, and went in the direction of a platformer-like Metroidvania instead.”

This news comes just a day after Skytorn, from the developer behind Celeste, was announced as cancelled. Dead Cells and Celeste captured the hearts of many throughout 2018, both battling for the crown of being named best indie title at various award shows. Be sure to check out our review of Dead Cells if you want to learn more about the game.

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