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New JRPG Project Europa Announced by Kadokawa Games

Project Europa

New JRPG Project Europa Announced by Kadokawa Games

Today Kadokawa Games made a surprise announcement revealing the development of a new game titled “Project Europa.”

The game is a “full-fledged simulation RPG” for iOS and Android that is defined as the evolution of the design of the developer’s previous experience in the field Starly Girls: Episode Starsia.

The press release mentions that it’s a completely original game planned and developed by Kadokawa Games itself, portraying “a new battle to unravel the mysteries of the stars.”

The story begins with the reception of a mysterious distress signal from Jupiter’s moon Europa, but nothing else has been revealed so far. All we have is a logo accompanied by the artwork of a female character.

Further details on Project Europa will be announced at a later time.

If you’re unfamiliar with Starly Girls: Episode Starsia, it’s a mobile game launched at the end of 2016 and closed earlier this year. It featured a healthy mix of waifus and mechas and it came with a voice track starring many popular voice actresses.

Kadokawa Games is also working on a console game belonging to the franchise, but details are scarce besides the fact that it’s being developed by members of the original Front Mission team and hints to it being a strategy JRPG.

Today Kadokawa Games also announced a Hollywood film adaptation of its visual novel Root Letter.

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