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Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Confirms Six New Heroes in the Works

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Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Confirms Six New Heroes in the Works

Two years later, and Overwatch is still one of the biggest hero shooters to date. Blizzard’s FPS is still going strong, having reached the 40 million player mark just a few months back. Now, we’ve just gotten our first good look at the next hero, Ashe.

Blizzard doesn’t seem to be stopping production anytime soon either, as Overwatch game direction Jeff Kaplan mentioned that they’ve already mapped out their next six heroes during an interview with Eurogamer.

While we know one of these many new characters is Echo (the mysterious robot at the end of the Reunion cinematic), Kaplan’s kept a tight lip on the other five heroes. However, fans will still have to wait a bit longer for Echo, seeing as she won’t be the next Overwatch character on their list.

Still, it’s worth noting that Hero 30 is already up and running in the development playtests. We probably won’t see the hero until another four months or so, judging by their release schedules.

As for who the other five heroes could be? Well, there are tons of other characters from the Overwatch universe that could turn out to be playable characters, such as the highly-requested Junker Queen, Dae-Hyun from D.Va’s cinematic, or even the sinister Talon omnic, Maxmillien. Either that or Blizzard could end up surprising us with completely new faces instead.

Those who are waiting for Ashe, on the other hand, can test her out on the Overwatch PTR soon. You can also check out her trailer and Overwatch animated short below:

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