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New Catherine: Full Body Trailer Drops More Hints on Rin’s Gender

Catherine: Full Body

New Catherine: Full Body Trailer Drops More Hints on Rin’s Gender

Today Atlus released a brand new trailer of its upcoming remake of the PS3 classic Catherine, titled Catherine: Full Body.

The trailer seems to pretty much seal the deal on the previous hints that Rin (or Qatherine) has a secret related to her gender.

As the three “versions” of Catherine are shown in sequence, we see a few suggestive messages that say:

“What’s “Marriage” for you?”

“So, you don’t want to get “married?”

“Then why don’t you expand your options?”

Then one of Vincent’s friends asks “I like girls, don’t you?”  and the hero responds with a hesitant “yeah, sure, me too.” Then, while Rin appears on the screen, he says “Once you accept the possibility, your world becomes wider.”

Atlus has been dropping this kind of hints since the Catherine remake has been announced, even with the previous trailer, which was titled “Rin’s Secret.” At this point, if the truth ends up being different from what pretty much everyone imagines, Atlus might be executing some sort of Kojima-level deception and misdirection.

Catherine: Full Body will be released on February 14th in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita. We know that it’s coming to the west, but we don’t yet know when. Atlus USA hasn’t even confirmed the platforms as of now. I’d certainly be surprised if I saw a Vita version released stateside, so I suggest not holding your breath on that.

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