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Xbox Game Pass Adds Four More Games Today to Celebrate Halloween

Xbox Game Pass, Outlast

Xbox Game Pass Adds Four More Games Today to Celebrate Halloween

Microsoft announced it is adding four more games to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service today, each with a horror theme to celebrate the upcoming Halloween holiday. Starting today, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can download and play the following titles:

  • Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition – Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition continues the story of the survivors from Dead Island as they fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. Having escaped from the ruins of Banoi, fate has jumped in to drag them back into the mire. (Not available in Germany.)
  • Hello Neighbor – Featuring an advanced AI that learns from your every move, Hello Neighbor puts you in the shoes of a curious resident who endeavors to figure out what horrible secrets their neighbor is hiding in the basement.
  • Outlast – The nearly forgotten home for the criminally insane was recently re-opened by the transnational Murkoff Corporation whose activities have been hidden away under a strict code of secrecy. Miles Upshur, an independent journalist, decides to investigate into an anonymous tip, but quickly finds himself swallowed up by the deranged horrors that have taken over the asylum.
  • >observer_ – Taking place in a cyberpunk version of Poland in 2084 where robotics, augmentations, and screens litter the landscape, >observer_ puts players in the shoes of a detective who must invade his suspect’s minds to gather evidence, reliving their fears in order to discover the truth.

The four games join the initial October lineup that was added earlier this month, including Forza Horizon 4 and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Microsoft is also offering a deal on Xbox Game Pass with a three month membership for $10, only available to new subscribers for a limited time.

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