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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Launch Is One of Ubisoft’s Worst When It Comes to Twitch Activity


Starlink: Battle for Atlas Launch Is One of Ubisoft’s Worst When It Comes to Twitch Activity

Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Ubisoft’s new sci-fi space shooter, failed to make waves in the streaming world. According to GitHyp, a site dedicated to tracking Twitch viewership and game analyses, the toys to life title has failed to capture audiences and was one of Ubisoft’s worst launches ever for a new I.P. when it comes to Twitch activity.

“Last week’s launch of Starlink was one of Ubisoft’s worst ever for a new IP, debuting at #16 on Twitch with a peak of only 7k concurrent viewers. And over the past week, the game’s numbers have only gotten worse with literally nobody streaming or watching the game at certain hours throughout each day on Twitch.”

This is surely surprising, especially since the inclusion of Star Fox characters in the Switch version made a huge impact when it came to advertising for the game. It seemed that folks were more intrigued in the game once the news broke that Star Fox would be making an appearance, as well as Star Wolf. And these weren’t just merely flashy cameos, but instead, fully voiced characters with special missions of their own.

With reaching a peak of only 7k concurrent viewers on Twitch, it didn’t even come close to some other popular Switch releases such as Super Mario Party and Mario Tennis Aces, which reached 52k and 56k concurrent viewers, respectively.

Maybe it was the lack of advertising or the sheer amount of big AAA fall games that took the spotlight like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Whatever the case may be for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, people just don’t want to stream it and also, Twitch users don’t seem interested in watching other people play it despite the overall positive reception.

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