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Sony Might Have Accidentally Leaked PS Plus November Line-Up


Sony Might Have Accidentally Leaked PS Plus November Line-Up

We’ve barely had a chance to download October’s “free” PS Plus line up, but PlayStation apparently already wants us to know what’s coming next. In what is likely a whoopsy over on their official site, November’s PS Plus games have been listed. According to the image, Bullet Storm Full Clip Image and Yakuza Kiwami are PS4’s headline titles for next month.

We’re almost certain this is an error on Sony’s part. Sony PS Plus line-ups are announced via the blog during the final week of a given month like clockwork. Of course, it could be completely wrong, too, so don’t take this is official word. In saying that, you don’t really get much more official than Sony’s official site. If you’re a betting man or woman, the odds are looking pretty good that these are, indeed, next month’s games.

We’d be pretty stoked if that was the case. Twinfinite reviewed Yakuza Kiwami earlier this year and absolutely loved it. Here’s what we said back then:

“As a remake, Yakuza Kiwami succeeds on nearly every level. The visual upgrade does wonders for the presentation and overall feel, while the gameplay overhaul makes the game much more streamlined and accessible to any new fans that Zero might have grabbed. There’s a ton of content to dive into, with the main story feeling more fleshed out and emotionally impactful, while new additions like Majima Everywhere add on even more of the series’ trademark quirkiness.”

How would you feel about the line-up if this leaked image turns out to be the official November PS Plus line-up? Let us know below.

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