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Free No Man’s Sky Update ‘Abyss’ Coming Next Week

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Free No Man’s Sky Update ‘Abyss’ Coming Next Week

No Man’s Sky players can look forward to a free update called the Abyss, which will launch next week on all platforms. Sean Murray, via the website’s blog, notes that the update “focuses on some of the eerier elements of No Man’s Sky, in keeping with the theme of this season.”

Developer Hello Games has been hard at work building on the improvements to the game introduced in NEXT, the game’s major overhaul expansion that launched back in August. After introducing major new features like multiplayer, they’ve been tweaking various gameplay features and adding entirely new ones altogether.

These include the ability to customize avatar’s body shape, the addition of the awesome Pilgrim motorbike, and companion features such as the addition of discovery leaderboards to the Galactic Atlas, which allow the community to track progress between factions.

Murray notes that the development team has been “We’ve been listening intently, and are hard at work on fixes and improvements. We wanted to share a little news from behind the scenes.”

We’re not sure exactly what sort of content Abyss will introduce as of yet. More on that soon, no doubt.

You can read our impressions of No Man’s Sky’s big update, NEXT here, or simply gawp at how utterly gorgeous it is in these 10 stunning community screenshots.

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