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Yo-Kai Watch 3 Is Finally Coming to the West After Being out in Japan for Two Years

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Yo-Kai Watch 3 Is Finally Coming to the West After Being out in Japan for Two Years

Level-5’s JRPG series, Yo-Kai Watch has seen a tremendous amount of success over in Japan with each entry slowly but surely making their way over to the west. Just today, Nintendo has announced that Yo-Kai Watch 3 will be coming to the 3DS on Feb 8, 2019, in North America and this Winter for European players.

The role-playing game involves the main character Nate discovering and capturing Yokai to use in battle against other Yokai. Yes, the series sounds a bit similar to another monster-catching franchise, but Level-5’s RPG mixes things up with the touch-screen focused battle system and the Japanese setting. Except in Yo-Kai Watch 3, Nate ends up moving with his family to an American town called St. Peanutsburg where Nate encounters ‘Merican themed Yokai.

This entry in the series is also the first time where half of the main story takes place back in Japan where you play as a new protagonist, Hailey, who runs her own detective agency.

Meanwhile, Level-5 has also previously announced that Yo-Kai Watch 4 is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch, planned to release sometime this year, for Japan at least.

Yo-Kai Watch 3 will be launching exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on Feb 8, 2019, in North America.

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