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Spider-Man’s Suit Has a Missing Stitch and Insomniac Might as Well Cancel the Game

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Spider-Man’s Suit Has a Missing Stitch and Insomniac Might as Well Cancel the Game

It’s a very special week for all fans of the web-slinging superhero, Spider-Man. Insomniac’s take on the famous Marvel character is merely hours away from being in our hands and we couldn’t be more excited to jump in. Although, there seems to be just one small issue that a Reddit user has uncovered that is truly disgusting. A problem that goes above and beyond that whole puddlegate scandal that was all the rage just a few days ago. If you guys thought that some downsized pools of water in Spider-Man was making you think twice about purchasing this game, then think again, because this new problem is just … we can’t even talk about it without shaking our heads at Insomniac Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Marvel, and whoever else had their hands in the development of this game.

SevEpx has done some sleuthing and managed to find a particular clip of Spider-Man during his E3 2017 showing and footage from the final release version of the game. If you look closely in the photo below, you can obviously see that Spider-Man’s current suit is not only less shiny than the older suit but it’s missing a stitch, yeah, an entire stitch in his costume.

Now, we know that you are all very upset at this, and you should be! But just listen to us. Insomniac has put tons of time and effort into crafting one of the best superhero games out there, so shouldn’t we cut them some slack? We can forgive and forget just like the puddle problem. One missing stitch isn’t going to ruin the entirety of the experience for us, but if Insomniac lies to us one more time about this game, then I’m done. If I find that Spider-Man’s suit has one eye bigger than the other or even a second missing stitch, my time with this sandbox adventure game will, unfortunately, have to come to an end.

Marvel’s Spider-Man launches on Sep 7 exclusively for the PS4 with missing puddles and all.

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