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The New killer7 Trailer Introduces Gamers New and Old to the Smiths


The New killer7 Trailer Introduces Gamers New and Old to the Smiths

So, killer7 is finally being remastered for PC, but you already knew that. Or maybe you didn’t. Whether you are interested in the title because you want to relive an old classic or experience it for the first time, NIS America has you covered with a trailer that should catch you up on some of its cast.

This trailer is required reading for anyone interested in the game. Long story short, killer7 stars Harman Smith, an old man in a wheelchair with a big-ass anti-tank sniper rifle and the world’s worst case of dissociative identity disorder. He have seven personalities (eight if you count his own) running around his brain (all of whom encompass the titular killer7), and he can actually transform into them physically and use their unique weapons and abilities. Oh, and killer7 fights evil suicide bomber cultists called Heaven Smiles who cackle like the Joker and have gigantic, literally ear to ear smiles —hence their name.

The killer7 trailer introduces audiences to three of Harman’s personalities. These include Garcian, Dan, and Kevin Smith (no, not the real one).

The trailer explains in no uncertain terms that each Smith receives his or her own weapon and ability. Garcian has a handgun and the ability to bring dead personalities back to life (don’t ask me how that works). Dan, meanwhile, uses a handgun that packs quite a punch, and that’s before he loads it with an explosive bullet. I would question the logic of using explosives to combat living bombs, but a common trope in video games is the disposal of bombs by blowing them up. And finally there’s Kevin Smith, a man who decided to bring a knife to a gunfight and somehow won. Probably because he can become invisible, which is used less for stealth and more for passing harmlessly past laser trip mines.

We likely can expect at least one more trailer to introduce the rest of the killer7 assassins, including a luchador who carries dual grenade launchers, which is as awesome as it sounds. PC gamers will finally get their hands on killer7 this fall thanks to Steam, and if director Goichi Masuda has his way, other titles may soon follow.

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