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Destiny 2 Rises to Third Most-Played Xbox One Game in US, Thanks to Forsaken

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Destiny 2 Rises to Third Most-Played Xbox One Game in US, Thanks to Forsaken

Destiny 2’s player base has exploded after the release of the most recent expansion, Forsaken. So much so, in fact, that the game is now the third most-played game on the Xbox One, according to Microsoft’s official count.

Bungie’s popular shooter hasn’t had the best track record with expansions, with both Curse of Osiris and Warmind receiving fairly middling critical acclaim and not an especially positive reaction from users, either. Forsaken, though, has stepped things up massive –it might very well be the best piece of DLC the series has ever produced. And, indeed, the returning player numbers seem to support that sentiment, both on Xbox One and across the entire active player-count.

According to DestinyTracker, Destiny 2 was barely breaking 500,000 players in PvP and couldn’t get up to 1 million in PvE before the launch of Forsaken, but in the time since its release, those numbers have more than doubled. The game has consistently hit around 1.3 million PvP players and 2.5 million PvE players. On Xbox One, Destiny 2 now only trails Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege as most-played game on the system.

You can check out our review in progress for Destiny 2 Forsaken, as well as some of our editorial reflections on the expansion’s narrative. We’ve also recently written a piece about MMORPG expansions that caused player numbers to skyrocket.

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