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Dead by Daylight: How to Find the Hatch & Escape


Dead by Daylight: How to Find the Hatch & Escape

How to Find the Hatch in Dead By Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, it’s up to you and the other survivors to try to escape from whoever is playing as the killer; starting up generators, avoiding detection, and running as quickly as you can is the only way to get out of the grasps of the dastardly killer… Or, you know, you can find the secret hatch, which is uncovered when a certain criteria is met. Here’s how to find a hatch in Dead by Daylight.

Because Dead by Daylight uses procedurally generated maps to make every game unique in its own, special way, there’s no exact location you’ll always find the hatch in the game. That doesn’t mean we can’t tell you exactly how to find it easily, though.

In order for a hatch to appear on a map in Dead by Daylight, there must be only one survivor left with at least two activated generators or if the number of repaired generators is one more than the number of survivors (if there are two survivors left, you gotta have three repaired generators, for example).

If you are the only survivor left, then you can get into the hatch by simply finding it somewhere on the map, but if there are more than one survivor left, then a key must be used to open it up for a quick escape.

You can either use a Dull Key or a Skeleton Key, which can be randomly found in treasure chests around the map. The hatch itself spawns in random locations, making it hard to find. If you keep running around the map and constantly look at the ground for a sort of trap door, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find, especially if you have other survivors to help.

If the hatch is already open, you’re going to be able to hear it as a sort of hymn. An ominous, haunting hymn, of course, since this is still a scary game… but a hymn nonetheless. Keep your ears open for any sort of obscure noise you might here. It could very well be the opened up escape tunnel.

And that’s all you need to know to find the hatch in Dead by Daylight. For more handy tips and tricks for Dead by Daylight, be sure to check out our survivor tips and tricks.

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