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Dead by Daylight: Survivor Tips & Tricks


Dead by Daylight: Survivor Tips & Tricks

Keep your wits about you, lest you be sacrificed to the creepy insect god in the sky.

Stick to the Outside Edges

Tips & Tricks for Playing a Survivor in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight, Map Edge

Line-of-sight is one of the single most important facets in Dead by Daylight. As a survivor, you have the ability to look in all directions around yourself thanks to the third-person view. However, the killer is limited to a first-person view, which is a huge disadvantage you can exploit. As a survivor you want to keep your back and sides to as many walls as possible so as to limit the killer’s sight and the absolute best way of doing this is to travel along the edges of the map. Because each map is boxed in, there will always be one side of yours that is covered. Keeping track of three sides is certainly easier than four.

An added bonus to tracing the edges of the map is that if the killer does decide to search for you there, it brings them to the furthest point from the opposite side, which means any other survivors working on far away generators will be safe. This is a big reason as to why most killers won’t travel to the border, which generally keeps it a safe area. You’ll still need to be careful though, as killers will still chase after you if they believe it’ll be a sure kill.

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