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Dead by Daylight: How to Play the Hillbilly Killer


Dead by Daylight: How to Play the Hillbilly Killer



How to Play the Hillbilly Killer in Dead by Daylight

The Hillbilly is the brute strength enforcer killer in Dead by Daylight. They rely more on raw physical prowess when chasing down survivors instead of predicting movements and sneaking around. The Hillbilly’s special ability is the Chainsaw. With this, the Hillbilly is able to go full sprint and charge in a forward direction instantly sending any hit survivor into a dying state. You still have to press the attack button while dashing, so timing is very important. You are allowed a slight degree of movement and can keep the charge going surprisingly long.

There are two downsides to the Chainsaw, the first being its wind-up time. When activating the Chainsaw, a cast bar will appear and you’ll have to wait until it finishes before rushing after any escaping survivor. This means that if a survivor spots you early enough, they’ll have enough time to find cover which will end your dash and allow them to escape. Finding the Hillbilly charging the Chainsaw isn’t difficult either due to its second downside. It makes a ton of noise. In activating the Chainsaw, it lets out a loud audio cue to everyone in the area allowing the survivors to seek proper shelter if they have an idea of which direction your coming from.

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