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A New Mainline Animal Crossing For Nintendo Switch Has Finally Been Announced


A New Mainline Animal Crossing For Nintendo Switch Has Finally Been Announced

Finally, after months of speculation, Animal Crossing has been announced for the Nintendo Switch during today’s Nintendo Direct. It doesn’t have an official release date, but it is slated for 2019. The trailer followed a nasty troll from Nintendo, where they announced what fans *thought* was a new Animal Crossing, but it turned out to be a reveal for Isabelle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. After coming to terms that Animal Crossing might never release for the Switch, we got a trailer.

It starts with our good old friend, Tom Nook, sitting at a desk in a dark office watching a TV. After some noise from the screen, the lights go out completely and we see Tom just sitting there, un-phased. He then turns on a lamp and sits at the desk, staring longingly. A Nintendo Switch sits atop the desk. Tom looks at the camera and lets us know he’s proud of Isabelle for “trying new things”. He then reminds us that he’s, “got to make sure everyone has a nice, new place to come home to when they’re ready.” Finally, after telling us he has much work to do, the screen fades to the title screen. At the end of the announcement, the title simply read “Welcome to Animal Crossing”.

Animal Crossing Switch doesn’t have an official title or release date yet, but we’ll make sure to provide you with plenty of updates whenever new information is released.

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