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So…Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Has a Release Date and It’s Not in 2018

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So…Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Has a Release Date and It’s Not in 2018

We feel attacked. We feel lied to. We just feel…betrayed. Travis Strikes Again is Suda51’s next entry in the stylistic action beat ’em up series, No More Heroes, which was announced as a Nintendo Switch exclusive back in 2017. Meant to act as a fresh start for our favorite assassin, Travis Touchdown, Travis Strikes Again has our hero fighting against an old rival, Badman, in a series of indie game challenges. The two of them wind up getting sucked into some kind of retro video game universe where the goal is to defeat six bosses to obtain Death Balls which grants the player one wish once all six balls are collected (sounds like a video game to me).

Nintendo has just announced that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be coming, not in 2018, but on Jan 18, 2019, instead. Now, I know that a measly three weeks isn’t anything to complain about, but Grasshopper and Nintendo kept saying 2018 over and over again for the release year, but you know, this is fine.

Travis Strikes Again will be launching just a week before Kingdom Hearts III and that Resident Evil 2 remake, so good luck with finding time to play it.

We interviewed Suda51 himself during E3 to ask him questions all about Travis Strikes Again, so if you would like to check it out, here’s that.

Greysun is currently majoring in Mass Communications and Media Studies. He's somehow played every Kingdom Hearts game more than once but somehow doesn't get the story. You can follow him on Twitter @greysun_morales if you like Nintendo-related posts that can sometimes be very comical.

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