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Monster Hunter: World Breaks 8 Million Sales Worldwide

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World Breaks 8 Million Sales Worldwide

Monster Hunter: World’s growth is like a rampaging Diablos: it outpaces everything around it and shows no sign of stopping. It’s no secret that Monster Hunter: World has received a ton of well-deserved attention. Not only is it a fantastic game that brings the franchise into a new generation, it is also a study in how to properly maintain a sizable playerbase with a steady drip-feed of juicy content. The amount of DLC that has been patched into the game is enough to placate even the hungriest and suplex-happy of Deviljhos. From new and returning monsters to mind-melting crossovers (all provided for free, of course) and even upcoming animated specials, Monster Hunter: World will keep players busy for years, all 8.3 million of them. And counting.

According to Capcom’s Q1 2018 fiscal report, the company has seen a net sale increase in 17,204 million yen (approximately 154 million dollars), and Monster Hunter: World contributed a significant amount to that net income. With 8.3 million sales, the game has sold more copies than any other individual Capcom video game. According to Capcom’s Investor Relations, the only games that come close to Monster Hunter: World’s sales numbers are Resident Evil 5 and 6, at 7.3 and 7.1 million units, respectively. Not even the entirety of the popular Ace Attorney series has sold as much as Monster Hunter: World.

The fiscal report claims Monster Hunter: World is a “phenomenal success” (an understatement if I’ve ever heard one) and that it is “gaining further popularity through the expansion of its user base.” This statement likely refers to the upcoming PC release and all the gamers who plan on playing the game on Steam and Tencent’s platform WeGame. After all, over 1 million-plus Chinese gamers have pre-ordered Monster Hunter: World on WeGame, so chances are Capcom will see an even larger increase in sales before the year is up, especially if Capcom gives the game mod support on PC. After all, what better way to convince PC gamers to play Monster Hunter: World on a computer than to give them the option to tear canon asunder by hunting a John Cena-shaped Anjanath with a rickrolling Hunting Horn?

Monster Hunter: World will release on PC on August 10th. Anyone who pre-orders the game will receive some fancy starter armor and a charm that will increase a character’s attack and defense. These items are a must for newcomers to Monster Hunter, especially those who feel brave enough to take on a Barroth head-on; there’s a reason why its forehead is shaped like a rampaging bulldozer.

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